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ResMed AirTouch N20 CPAP Mask Setup

Step 1: Welcome to a Restful Night's Sleep

Hello there! We're excited to guide you through the setup of your AirTouch N20 CPAP mask for a restful night's sleep. Before we begin, make sure you have your mask, headgear, and CPAP machine handy.

Step 2: Get Acquainted with Your AirTouch N20

Watch the Airtouch™ N20 product introduction video to familiarize yourself with the features and components of your CPAP mask. This video will help you understand the benefits and functions that contribute to your comfort.

Step 3: Assemble Your CPAP Mask with Ease

Now, let's put together your CPAP mask. Watch the ResMed AirTouch N20 video on assembling your mask to ensure you're doing it correctly. Proper assembly is key to a secure fit and optimal therapy.

Step 4: Achieve the Perfect Fit

A well-fitted mask is crucial for effective therapy. Watch the ResMed AirTouch N20 video on fitting your nasal CPAP mask to learn the right adjustments for a snug and comfortable fit.

Step 5: Disassemble and Clean for Daily Maintenance

After a good night's sleep, it's essential to know how to take apart and clean your CPAP mask. Watch the ResMed AirTouch N20 video on disassembling and daily cleaning to maintain hygiene and extend the life of your mask.

Additional Tips and Support

For any additional help or personalized advice, don't hesitate to contact a sleeptech support specialist:

phone: 503-496-5239


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