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Step 1: Unbox Your Transcend Micro CPAP Device

Gently unpack your Transcend Micro CPAP device, ensuring all components are present. You'll find the CPAP machine, a power adapter, a small tubing, and a user manual. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the device.

Step 2: Connect the Components

Plug in your Transcend Micro CPAP device to a power source using the provided adapter. Connect the small tubing to the device, and then attach your preferred mask to the other end. Ensure all connections are secure for optimal performance.

Step 3: Power Up and Adjust Settings

Switch on your Transcend Micro CPAP device. Navigate through the user-friendly interface to set your comfort preferences. Adjust the pressure settings as per your prescription for personalized therapy. The device's compact design makes it easy to integrate into your bedtime routine.

Step 4: Download the MySleepDash App

Enhance your CPAP experience by downloading the MySleepDash app on your smartphone. Visit your app store, search for "MySleepDash," Click here for Google Play, and Click here for Apple Store to install the application. This app will help you track your sleep progress and provide valuable insights into your therapy.

Step 5: Sync Your Device with MySleepDash

Open the MySleepDash app and follow the prompts to pair it with your Transcend Micro CPAP device. This seamless connection allows you to monitor your therapy data, track usage, and receive reminders for filter replacements or device maintenance. Regularly check the app for personalized tips to improve your sleep quality.


Transcend Micro CPAP Setup

Additional Tips and Support

For any additional help or personalized advice, don't hesitate to contact a sleeptech support specialist:

phone: 503-496-5239


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